CE5 Contact For Andriod

CE5 Contact App is providing tools and equipment to make contact with others in different worlds or someone from extra civilization. The app was made under the protocol of CE5. The app was discovered by Dr. Steven Greer, who is one of the tops known authorities in the world for the subjects of an extraterrestrial civilization, technologies, UFOs, trying to initiate peaceful contact with them.

The app was developed by Sirius Technology Advanced Research. And they have launched the latest version 1.65.0 of the game in 2021. It is a paid app, but it is with paying each penny. It is available on the Play Store and the plan for the CE5 Contact app is Rs. 850 in India.

Features Of CE5 Contact

  • The app will guide you how to use the tools and equipment of the app on CE5 Guide section.
  • All the tools were made under the construction of Dr. Greer.
  • Detailed description of each tool and step-by-step process are mentioned.
  • Allows to contact near by people who are also interested in extraterrestial activity. Share your thoughts and expriences to gain more knowledge about those civilisation.
  • The app has library holding many features such as Meditations, Tones, Alleged Meteors, Alleged Satellites, Orbs, and Electromagnetic phenomena.
  • Has different categories for each section. For example- List of Equipment
  • Also has in-built networking features.
  • Notification features, whenver there is some changes added or new updates come you will get a notification.
  • If you are interested then you can know more about Dr. Stepen Greer. The app has a section about Dr. Greer.
  • For users safety and knowledge, they have made a category “Recommended Reading”. Before using the app they suggest you to go through this for your betterment.
  • The app has made a section of “Glossary Of Terms, under which their terms and conditions are mentioned. Remember to always go through this.
  • It helps to built communication between different civilisations.
  • Easy user interface with use-friendly acess.
  • Requires Internet connections to explore the features properly.
  • It also has a offline work mode.
CE5 Contact Layout

Layout Of CE5 Contact

The layout of the app is very good, with simple detailing and advanced techniques. After installing the app from the play store, you will land on the Home page. On the home page, you will have two options to select from. One is Network that allows users to connect with other users interested in making contact through the CE5 app. The second option is Contact, that help user for making peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilization through the CE5 Contact app.

On the top left corner of the homepage, there is a hamburger-like icon for Menu. The menu bar has many categories to explore. The categories are CE5 Guide, Equipment list, Library, Recommended reading, Glossary of terms, About Dr. Greer, and the settings.

How To Contact ET Using CE5 Contact App?

The App suggests that contact can be done, only just with a chair only and a quiet night. To make your experience easier you should use some recommended items mentioned in the equipment list of the app. The signals you can detect from ET might be an anomalous activity or a signal for initiating communication. Users can also document celestial events through this app.

Download CE5 Contact On iOS

To download and install the app on your iOs device. Follows the steps mentioned below-

  1. Go to the App Store. And search for the CE5 contact on the iTunes list of your App store.
  2. Once the app is showing in iTune list, click the get button to start the installation of the app.
  3. After installation and dowloading is completed, it will redirect you to the Apple ID and password for sign up. In case you are not already logged in.
  4. After the process is completed, tap on the Open button to start the app and now enjoy the experience.

Download CE5 Contact Apk

Athough the app is present on the Googe Play Store and App Store, from there you can download the app. But the app is not free, it cost some amount for installation. So, in case you want to use the app for free you can check and download CE5 Contact Apk file.

CE5 Guide

Steps To Download CE5 Contact On Andriod For Free

Step1. Go to the setting of your mobile, then go to the unknown sources.

Step2. Then go to the security and enable the security option.

Step3. Now go to the download manager of your mobile, and click on the CE5 contact.

Step4. You will get two option on your screen to choose from. Choose one and start the installing process of the app. All you have to do is boot the operating system quickly on your Andriod device.

Step5. After some time a pop-up will appear on your mobile screen.

Step6. After the installation and downloading process is completely done, you can see a button to open the app. Click the open button and enjoy the app for free.

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