Bloodborne Walkthrough: Complete Guide

Welcome to the Walkthrough for Bloodborne. The realm of Yharnam is a dangerous place for any hunter, and even the best will find that death is right around the corner. This Walkthrough covers all main areas of the game, as well as optional areas, boss battles, shortcuts, secret items, and more. 

Walkthrough Sections

The Walkthrough is organized into the main areas of the game – with some being optional content that is not needed to progress, but the experience and items gained to make it generally worth exploring.

Bloodborne Walkthrough

Certain areas can also be explored out of order, though game events that occur can make areas harder later in the game.

Losefka’s Clinic1st Floor Sickroom
Central YharnamCentral Yharnam, Great Bridge
Central Yharnam AqueductTomb of Oedon
Cathedral WardCathedral Ward, Grand Cathedral
Old Yharnam Old Yharnam, Chruch of the Good Chalice
Healing Church WorkshopAbandoned Old Workshop
Yahar’Gul, Unseen VillageHypogean Gaol, Graveyard of the Darkbeast
Hemwick Charnel LaneHemwick Charnel Lane, Witch’s Abode
Forbidden WoodsForbidden Woods, Forbidden Grave
ByrgenwerthByrgenwerth, Moonside Lake
Yahar’Gul ChapelYahar’Gul, Unseen Village, Yahar’Gul Chapel, Advent Plaza, Graveyard of the Darkbeast
Forsaken Cainhurst CastleForsaken Cainhurst Castle, Logarius’ Seat, Vileblood Queen’s Chamber
The Nightmare FrontierLecture Building, Nightmare Frontier, Amygdala’s Chamber
Upper Cathedral WardUpper Cathedral Ward, Lumenflower Gardens, Altar of Despair
Nightmare of MensisLecture Building 2nd Floor, Nightmare of Mensis, Mergo’s Loft: Base
Mergo’s Loft: MiddleMergo’s Loft: Middle, Wet Nurse’s Lunarium
Endings N/A

The Old Hunters DLC Walkthrough

Hunter’s NightmareLudwig the Accursed/Holy Blade
Underground Corpse PileLaurence, The First Vicar
Research HallLiving Failures, Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Fishing HamletN/A
Lighthouse HutOrphans of Jos
Old Hunters DLC Walkthrough

Bloodborne – Weapons and Attire

List of weapons and attire in Bloodborne – you will find here many types of armors or weapons like Saw Cleaner, Kirkhammer, Threaded Cane, or Blade of Mercy. Every item has a detailed description of its stats and characteristics.

  • Attire in Bloodborne
  • Weapons In Bloodborne

Bloodborne Trophy Guide

Our Bloodborne game guide contains all trophies required to achieve the platinum trophy and to get all trophies in The Old Hunters DLC. Here you will learn how to get Hunters Essence trophy, Chalice of Ailing Loran trophy, Chalice of Isz trophy, Blood Gem Contact trophy, Hunters Craft trophy, or Living Failures trophy.

Bloodborne Trophy Guide

Bloodborne is an action RPG with a third-person perspective view. The game was developed by the From Software – a studio known for the few parts of Armored Core and best known for the Dark Souls series or the Demon’s Souls game. Bloodborne is a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series. It has a heavy fantasy setting focused on Yharnam, a place possessed by a mysterious plague that transforms human beings into monsters. Just like the Dark Souls games this game has an extremely high difficulty and punishes a player for even the tiniest mistake. Even though this game is focused on its action elements it still has a very strong RPG taste.

The Bloodborne guide contains:

  1. the illustrated walkthrough of the main single-player campaign and all the side quests;
  2. the description of abilities and equipment available for the player;
  3. secrets, collectibles, and other items hidden in the game’s world;
  4. a bunch of tips essential to playing the game;
  5. advice about fighting with bosses and specific enemies as well as their advantages and disadvantages;
  6. the list of achievements and trophies as well as the description of unlocking them.

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