Among Us Apk For Android 5.1


Among Us is an online multiplayer game, released in June 2018 on Andriod devices and iOs. Later in November 2018 released on Windows then in December 2020 on the Nintendo switch and recently in June 2021 also released on the Xbox series X/S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, and Playstation 4.

Among Us is a social deduction game developed and published by Innersloth, an American Game studio. The game was inspired by a science fiction horror film ‘The Thing’ and the party game ‘Mafia’. The game is based on a spaceship theme, having two characters to play. One is Crewmate and the other is Imposter. Generally, all the players were assigned crewmates except one. Crewmates were given tasks to complete where they have to maintain the spaceship. An imposter will behave like crewmates doing all tasks but he will kill one by one crewmate. The crewmates can arrange meetings to eliminate imposters by vote.


In Among Us, four to ten players are allowed to play a match. One match lasts for about 1 minute to 5 minutes, depending upon how quickly the imposter will catch. There is a feature called crossplay, in which Among Us can be played between Andriod, iOs, and PC. While playing players can communicate via text. Some also use Discord and similar apps to talk with voice.

Among Us Gameplay

You can play with random persons in public matches or with friends and family by creating a private room. There are four maps in the game, the first is ‘The Skeld’, the second is MIRA HQ, the third one is Polus and the last one is The Airship.

The game starts with all the crewmates assigned work to complete on a particular map. The main work is the maintenance of the spaceship which consists of vital work of the system, fixing of wires, and downloading data. For easy blending of imposters with crewmates, they were assigned a fake list of tasks. Imposters can travel through vents, sabotage the vital system of a spaceship, stops supplies of oxygen, and can also work with other imposters to kill crewmates.

The imposters cannot legitimately perform the tasks. The crewmates killed by imposters become ghosts. The ghosts can help their living crewmates to complete the tasks and saving them from imposters. Ghosts have the power to cross the walls, chat with other ghosts and spectate other players.

The crewmates win by completing all the tasks, detecting and eliminating all the imposters. And the imposters win when they kill the number of crewmates equal to their number or when the crewmates fail to complete the assigned task.

How To Identify Imposters?

  1. There are some tasks which an imposters cannot fake, so crewmates can identify through those visual tasks.
  2. The living crewmates can call an emergency meeting anytime by reporting any dead body by pressure emergency button. You cannot call emergency meeting during major sabotages but death can be reported.
  3. To help the crewmates for identifying imposters, there are some survillance system in each maps. The Skeld has security cameras, Polus has a vital indicators, and the MIRA HQ has a doorlog.
Among Us Impostor

Age Limit And Animation

Initially, the age limit set by PEGI is 16+ for its violent visual and actions but it has changed to 9+ age. The mild violence includes cartoons like characters inside the spacesuit and less blood. The violence is non-realistic and their reactions are also.

Among Us have user-friendly and cute graphics focused on easy communication of players. It also gives interesting gameplay, content including costumes. Players can customize their characters in the lobby before starting the game. Also, players can change their character color, hat, and pet. There are also chance to receive special costumes from international festivals.


You can adjust the speed of crewmates and imposters. Also can adjust at what speed your character should move. Time for discussion and to vote out the suspected imposters can be adjusted. The ability of a player to kill others can also be controlled and it became an advantage for the new player.

In Among Us, identifying which players people want to vote for mainly depends upon the colors. So, this can become challenging for a colorblind person to detect the imposter if the competitors did not have a distinctive name in the game.

It also provides maps in which all task areas are located and there are some arrows present to show the right direction in certain tasks. There are few sabotage tasks that have time limits or the imposters wins. But all the minigames do not have any such time limits to finish the game.

All these accessibility can be determined by the lobby you join rather than by individual players.

Among Us Crewmate

Is Among is kids friendly ?

Back in 2018, it is very popular among teenagers but now after the age restriction is pull down kids can also play. The most important issue that a child will have to go through is how they are feeling about deception and lying. For some children, it became hard to handle the betrayal that come in the game.

Here a kid has to trust his/her friend to not make deception personal and not make it personal by themselves also. In my opinion for kids above 12, Among Us is a fun game with lots of mental activity and maturity. But for kids below 12, Among Us is far more literal and they are less capable of understanding this kind of psychological game apart from real-life behavior.


Overall the Among Us game is fun to play, it gives you vibes like a detective solving a mystery. Since Among Us has launched this game has been updated many times and bringing new features which make it more interesting. The game has some similarities to few movies like The thing and Alien.

After the update, there are some options of customization are launched like the characters were given hats, pets, and many more. By the popularity of the game, we can hope for more interesting future updates and customizations.

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