Alight Motion Pro Apk 3.9.0 For Android

Alight Motion is a free photo or video editing app for android versions mobile. They also own a website where one learns editing professionally. The current updated version of the app is 3.10.2 (0554), build on 814ce4dm (Oct 6, 2021), works on Andriod10, acquires storage of 2.5GB, has RAM of 1GB.

This app is competing with other popular editing apps like Inshot and Videoleap. It was developed by Alight Creative Inc. Alight Motion provides many features while creating a video. The features provided by the first motion graphics app for smartphones are professional quality visual effects, animation, motion graphics, and more.

Additional Information About App

  • Latest Version: v3.9.0
  • File Size: 132 MB
  • Android Requirement: 6.0 or higher
  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Alight Creative Inc.

Features Of Alight Motion

  • Very easy and simple to use app.
  • For all settings Keyframe animations are available.
  • Multilayer of videos, graphics, audio are provided in-built.
  • Things which are usually not available on mobile phones is provided here like Bitmap and Vector Support.
  • Features like Colour correction, tuning and adjustment are provided.
  • Different kinds of basic effects about 100+ are availble to create a professional visual effect.
  • Solid colour, shadow effect, gradient fill effects with border effects are made to worth writing.
  • One can save their favourite tools to re-use in future.
Alight Motion Logo
  • Project or edited files can be send or share between the devices in the form of GIFs or Mp4 videos.
  • Can be used on iPhone, iPad, tablets.
  • Fluid motion can be used to make curves in Animation easing.
  • Masking and Grouping.
  • Use Motion Blur in velocity based technique.
  • Custom Made font supported.
  • Excellent customer Support.
  • Various tutorials are availble on their YouTube Channel.

There are a few drawbacks of Alight Motion like some bugs on which they are working, problems in the Tiles effect, confusion in the Keyframe setting, and paywall restrictions for some features.

Subscription Plans Available

The basic version of the Alight Motion is free for everyone. The free version comes with in-between ads while editing or appears after you finished your video editing. In addition to that use of some premium features and effects are restricted here, and while exporting or sharing videos and animations watermarks are present. Exporting and sharing of projects are also banned in the free version.

The subscription plans have given to a premium feature experience with your videos and animation and provide an ad-free environment with no watermarks. To enjoy the premium facility of the app you have to choose the best plan for yourself either a monthly plan or an annual plan.

The charges of the plan vary from place to place due to currency exchange rates. The annual plan comes with a huge discount of up to 50% off. To check the plans you have to open the Alight Motion App, then go to the profile on the top right of the screen. The My Account Page has the membership options to check.

In India, the current monthly subscription plan is available for Rs.60/month, and the Annual plan is available at Rs. 360 with 50% off. The Basic free plan and the premium plan are almost identical the only difference is watermarks and ad-free condition.

Alight Motion Introduction

After choosing a subscription plan you will be automatically directed to the Google Play store for the further payment process. After successful payment is done you now become a member of Alight Motion. If you don’t cancel your plan, it will be automatically renewed through Google Play.

Layout Of Alight Motion App

The home page of the app has all the accessible features. On the top left, there is a Setting option, and on the top right there is Profile. The bottom of the home page has features to explore like tutorials, projects, elements and to create animation or videos options are available here.

The Setting has features like Project Sorting where two options are available to choose from, Sort By Date and Sort By Name. Audio Resampling has options to select LOW, HIGH, and ULTRA. You can enable the option of Low-quality preview to save data and also enable the Demo Mode.

In the Setting section, there is an option About, to explore the details of the app’s current version and mode. Also from here, you can follow Alight Motion by Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

The Profile icon has your Account which provides details of your subscription plan and from here you can sign in to the app. The Tutorials section has videos to learn the basics, how to animate, how to find effects quickly using effect browser, easing browser, importing fonts, masking tutorials, low-quality preview, mosaic tutorials, copy the background, drawing progress, Motion tutorials move along the path.

All these above-mentioned tutorials are available on their YouTube Channel. There is an option Getting Started is present to teach how to start making animation. Working in Alight Motion making Animated videos is very simple using three simple steps.

  1. Add- Add audio, shapes, Text, images, drawings and other layers to your design.
  2. Adjust- Adjust your added layer position, choose colour, move and transform, use other properties with editing panels.
  3. Animate- To animate use Keyframes to any layer.

Finally, Export & share your design as a video, GIF, or as a project with anyone.

Alight Motion Layout

After learning the basic steps of animation, move to the next step icon. In the next step, there are several features to explore. The features are-

  • Easings Curve: This feature is anticipate change, the ease in and out of motion to make it more natural.
  • Effects: To alter the appearance or behaviour of a layer add effects.
  • Blending: This blending feature help to combine the a layer with another layer.
  • Elements: These create once and reuse forever.
  • Masking group: Mask your video or image to any shape.

Then in the tutorial, there is a feature User guide, where one can learn how to use the controlpad, how to do grouping and alignment, Change a Pivot Point, change layer timing, animate vector points, reorder layers, select multiple layers, enable overshoot and many more.

In addition to that, there are some tools available to download and use in animation. In the Elements section, you can create tools, download them, and use them.

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